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10 Fun & Easy Ways to DIY Recess

Our kids don't have the benefit of PE, Recess, or even just walking around the school right now. So check in with children about how they are feeling physically throughout the day and pay attention to those sedentary or “lazy” patterns. Get some active brain breaks to recharge the body and brain with these 10 ideas!

1. Create a playlist with 3-5 of your favorite upbeat songs and get your dance on!

2. Search YouTube for at home yoga or Zumba videos to help guide you.

3. Schedule stretch breaks! Posture is important! While at school much of the day is spent sitting upright in a chair but at home we are often lounging on the couch or laying down Stretching and moving helps us all to reset and realign!

4. Schedule “recess” a few times throughout the day to keep everyone feeling fresh and energized! Take turns choosing the activity.

5. Take a walk for fresh air & focus on your breath (HINT: try 4-7-8 breathing to instantly calm your body)

6. Kick around a soccer ball or play catch

7. Take turns playing "Monkey in the Middle"

8. If you have sidewalk chalk and tape, make some cool sidewalk/street art for others to enjoy!

9. Use chalk to draw a hopscotch obstacle course!

10. Play tag! It doesn't get any easier than tag when you need to get kids moving!

Most importantly, use this time to break up the day and just have some active fun!

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