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If there’s a high school senior in your life, give them a hug. To them, the cancellation of school is not a vacation. It’s wasted time they don’t get to spend with their friends the last few months before they graduate. They’re anxious, realizing they may never be able to take the field again with their friends and hear their name called on senior night. Their hearts broken because they may never get to experience prom. They’re nervous that they may not be able to walk the stage and get the diploma they have been working hard on for 12 years. Show them support and love them during these hard times.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Helping


  1. Let them feel the feelings they have. It is a legitimate loss. It’s OK to feel these feelings and to express them.

  2. Use strengths to build each other up and support teens. Use this time to explore new interests, connect with family and make your own meanings of how this time can be special.

  3. Validate their feelings of extreme loss.

  4. Celebrate their accomplishments during their 12 years of hard work.


  1. As a parent or caregiver, don’t feel like you must put on a happy face, how you react models for your kids how to grieve.

  2. Try not to minimize or belittle their feelings and expressions of hurt and sadness.

  3. Try not to isolate your child. They need your support!

If you or your child need support, reach out to us! Click the referral tab or check us out on social media Instagram & Facebook. We're here for you!

To learn more ways to manage stress and help your child during the COVID-19 pandemic visit:

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