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Take a Minute Game Idea

Take A minute

Pick a topic of conversation and the other person has to try and talk about it for a whole minute! Sounds Easy right?

Well, you are not allowed to hesitate or deviate for the subject… or repeat any word more than once!

Set up:

This game can be played by as few as 2 people or up to 10 or more

Divide everyone into two groups.

Pick subjects.

Each group writes down a few topics they would want the other team to speak on.

Topics ideas:

My favorite animal, My Favorite food, Best place to vacation, If i had super power, If i had $100, The Hardest thing I ever did, If time travel were real, The best app on my phone, or My Dream Job. Get Creative with the ideas!

Put all topics in a pile/bowl


Each team takes a turn picking a topic and one player speaking when their minute is up they get a point!

If they do not complete their minute no point is received!

Go back and forth until all topics are gone or all players have gotten a chance to speak. The Team with the most points wins!

No hesitation, No pausing or saying ummmmm, ahh or other filler words.

Don’t repeat! You can use the words in the topic and words like I, And, The, We, It etc but not repeating main words! This can get tricky!

No changing topics!

If you hear the person speaking repeat a word, hesitate, or change topic, raise your hand and their turn is over.


This game is not only fun for every one of all ages but it also works on some important skills.


Public Speaking

Communication Skills

Quick Thinking

Take some time as a family to have some fun!

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